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Gordon Burgess, Parish President
The Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter operates under the authority of the Tangipahoa Parish Council
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Hours of Operation:
Business Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30PM M-F
Adoption Hours:
Noon - 4:30PM M-F
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Sat
Intake Hours:
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F
No intakes on Saturdays

Chip Fitz, Director


A message from the Director:

We are still very excited here at TPAC about the things that are happening. In addition to the new additions from last year like; new dispatch and radio system, new records management system, lap top computers in our response vehicles, animal tracking, auto link to petfinder.com to display all of our animals, new 22 run kennel for isolation after intake plus 3 new bite quarantine kennels, new evacuation/transport bus, new markings on our response vehicles and new uniforms to enable easy identification of our vehicles and officers we have also made even more upgrades and changes this year.
We are now part of the Pet Smart Charities, Recue Waggin program and are shipping out animals to Michigan monthly.
We are part of the LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine Shelter Medicine Program and are visited twice a month by a team of Vetís and students that check some of our animals and perform spay/neuter on those that qualify. In addition they help us by monitoring our health, vaccination and cleaning programs by offering input and suggestions on how to better manage our animals and kennels.
Through another grant program we were able to acquire new animal transport boxes for each of our response vehicles. These boxes are stainless steel, insulated, vented with fans for hot weather and able to be closed for cold weather. Each box has a kennel temperature monitor inside the driverís area to make sure that a safe temperature is maintained in each kennel area. This helps to relieve stress on the animals during transport which makes for a more effective evaluation upon intake.
We now do behavior assessments on all of our dogs to help in the adoption process as well as for the safety of our employees.
We have closed in our new open air kennel with partitions that open and close so that in cold weather the entire kennel can be closed off and so that our heating system will be more efficient.
In addition to the NACA, LACA, HSUS and Rescue Waggin training we received earlier this year we had 9 employees attend LSU School of Veterinary Medicine this summer for the LACA annual training and also sent employees to training in Oklahoma for Rescue Waggin.
We had a record intake in June of 2010 of 1005 animals. This is a strong reminder that spay/neuter and observance of the leash law are imperative if we ever intend to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our parish. I want to once again encourage all the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish to be responsible pet owners and to spay/neuter your pets and to encourage your families, neighbors and friends to do the same. At the same time we must do better about keeping our animals contained. The vast majority of the animal problems we see start with animals being at large.
Finally I would like to remind all that we have excellent animals available for adoption here at TPAC. Please shop with us and help to save these wonderful animals that we have. All of our animals can be viewed by simply clicking on adoptable pets above. We are also in need of some good volunteers and foster homes. Please consider joining us in this endeavor by printing the applications listed in forms/links and filling them out and dropping them off at TPAC. Be sure to check out our pictures below.
Remember, some of the best Animal Control Officers in the world work right here at Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control.

If you would like to make a donation we need:
  • Financial donations. These will help cover operating expenses and directly help save animals
  • Donate supplies. Please contact our offices if you would like to donate any pet supplies including portable pet carriers or wire crates or any other supplies.
  • Adopt from us. Already have a pet? Make it two!
  • Foster. Animals need a break from the shelter. Fostering presents the best opportunity for you to help a shelter pet, without the lifetime commitment. Whether it is a week or six weeks, getting an animal out of the shelter helps them, and helps us.
  • Volunteer. We can always use more help around the shelter. See the forms page for volunteer info.
Photos of our Shelter  

Pictures of our upgraded trucks